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Here's what some of our customers have to say...

Stacey K.

Morning, just a little update. I'm doing better. I'm getting more milk. You are truly blessed. I took one and it was magic. Thank you so much and they taste sooo yummy. I'm ready to order again.

Selena L.​

Are your cookies made of magic? I had one, fell asleep for one and a half hours and got 4oz.

Keitha J.

I'm feeling a differnce every time I nurse. My boobs just feel heavier with milk when I'm walking around.

Valini R.​

Good morning, meant to message you earlier. They (cookies) are wonderful. They taste amazing and my supply has almost doubled.

Fareeza M.

Hi, so after 3 cookies and one teabag, I went from three-quarter of an ounce of breastmilk to over 3oz in one day.

Melissa D.

Hello, just wanted to tell you I tried your cookies and I went from pumping 2oz to 5oz. They really work!

Natalie M.​

Good morning, I just want to let you know your lactation cookies are awesome. From the taste to the increase in my milk production, my my my. Just 3 days of having them, I have 2 daily and drink my usual intake of water. I've gone form getting 4oz of milk from my right boob each pump to 6oz. My slacker boob never gave me more than 1oz, now I get over 3oz. I recommended your cookies to a fellow breastfeeding mama. Chick, yuh cookies boss. My baby boy and I thank you.

Aleeya B.​

Hi, now getting a chance to message you. You weren't wrong at all, the cookies really work. My milk flow wasn't much but as I'm eating cookies, the milk is flowing a lot now. My son would be on one boob and the other side would be flowing like water. Great job on the cookies, would purchase more soon.

Benita B.

So I had one cookie last night and one this morning. I got 2oz from my letdown and 3oz on the side I pumped.

Amanda R.

I had a cup of the hot chocolate late last night. My boobs started to feel just just a few hours after, lol. It really works!

Jameel H.

On the first day, my wife had 2 cookies but didn't pump until the next morning after a feeding session. Her slacker boob produced 2oz compared to 0.5oz. Her next pump session that same afternoon after having another 2 cookies, she got 2.5oz again, which is like double the production from before. She reiterated to me how delicious they tasted. 

The capsules are amazing too. She's been taking one in the morning and one in the evening. Every time she pumps, she gets 4oz on average. Even the slacker boob is producing like crazy. Definitely going to re-up soon with cookies and capsules. Great product and service, will definitely be recommending you guys.

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