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Introducing our Enhanced Lactation Capsules with Moringa, the ideal choice for health-conscious mothers and those who prefer a non-cookie alternative. Harnessing the potent power of Moringa, known for its exceptional breastmilk supply-boosting properties, we've created a formula that's designed to supercharge your lactation.

These capsules are nestled in vegetable-based tablets and enriched with high-quality ingredients sourced right here in Trinidad and Tobago. The Moringa-enhanced blend adds an extra layer of potency, making these tablets a powerhouse for your breastfeeding journey.

Each bottle comes with 60 tablets, to be taken 1-2 times a day, providing you with 1-2 months of potent, milky goodness. Invest in our Enhanced Lactation Capsules with Moringa to give yourself the ultimate bang for your buck and support your body as it nurtures your little one

Enhanced Lactation Capsules - with Moringa

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